“The Rolling Dead” is now released on Google Play.

The Rolling Dead

Click for the Google Play Listing

Sixty levels of zombie killing mayhem.  Check it out!

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Final Push

One week to release and we are in the final push. We are code complete and just testing levels now.

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Some more video

Here is some more video of The Rolling Dead.  Again, the quality is not great, but we are getting ready to make the final promo video for the game, and we have everything set up except that the new camera is not in yet.  It takes some effort to get really good video of a tilt based game… but I think this gives you the idea.


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Music and Sound is amazing!

I didn’t make the sound, so I can tell the truth without having to be humble.  It is AMAZING!  Really and truly amazing.  Nuff said.

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In my last post I promised myself that I would wrap up major coding.  I did this.  Phew!  Leader boards are done and I corrected some Android life cycle issues with the sound plus I coded a couple of new enemies for the last few levels.

Now I am getting on to level tweaking and incorporating the final sounds.  Still looking good for February 1st release.

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Wrapping Up

I am wrapping up coding of all major features tonight. Just have to finish the leader boards and some misc stuff. The next two weeks leading up to release will be extensive testing and tweaking of levels. I will be the king of the leader boards for a little while! My hope is that the levels are the character of the game, with each level offering something new and at least a bit different. I put a lot of time and thought into the level design, so hopefully, I accomplished this. Not to make it sound like rocket science – it isn’t – all I am doing is trying to come up with new and inventive ways to kill you:) Like this one:


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February 1st Release Date

Barring any last minute problems, we are looking good for a February 1st release of “The Rolling Dead”. We are in the final push, testing levels, incorporating final sounds, and finalizing the art. The game is looking great! We really think you will love it.

On a side note, in a moment of inspiration this morning, an idea for our next game was born. And it is a really good idea! Our take on classic platforming is going to be our next game. Keep watching.

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Getting Close

We made huge progress on The Rolling Dead this week, making significant performance improvements and adding in the scoring system. We also implemented the full Android life cycle and did extensive testing. The game auto pauses when you go to home (or get a call) and resumes in a paused state so that you are one touch away from exactly where you left off.

Something we think you will like is that when you pause the game it turns on our Wicked Cool Perspective technology. See gibs and blood trails in mid flight in a specially rendered virtual reality perspective where you tilt your phone to change the viewing angle of the scene. When a paused game is as cool as a game in progress, either you have something pretty bad or something pretty special.

We are still looking good for an early February release.

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Some Videos of “The Rolling Dead”

Here are a few short (and poor quality) videos of “The Rolling Dead” for you to check out. You can test the Beta of this game for us by joining this community on Google+. Exit 4 Games Beta Test

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Sound Studio On Board

Dry Dock Audio is working on the sound and music for our next game, “The Rolling Dead” that is coming out very soon.  Check ‘em out.

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